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Who I am

There are two things Southern Baptists love: potlucks and church attendance. Usually these two go together. My family attended Sunday school, Sunday morning church, Sunday evening Bible study, Monday evening visitation, and I went to Wednesday evening Royal Ambassadors (Boy Scouts for fundamentalists).

I'm grateful for this heritage, because it taught me the Bible, but it also meant by 7th grade I was super bored with most church communication. I had heard it all before. It wasn't until late college that I rediscovered how exciting, captivating, scandalous, and well-written God's word is. I found myself reading passages that said "the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is at work in you" and thinking everyone needs to hear about this!

Since then I've had the opportunity to write and speak for some amazing churches and organizations, from speaking at the high school and college ministries at Saddleback Church, to writing for Relevant Magazine and Churchleaders.com, to even having my own pop culture podcast. 

The through-line of each thing I do is a passion for great communication that points people to Jesus. If you have any writing or speaking needs, please contact me and let me know how I can be of service.



What I've been writing


the god who

wasn't there

It's a question nearly every human has thought at least once: "God, where were you?" It's a cry that comes from pain, anger, sadness, hurt, and loneliness. It's the cry of a people who feel abandoned by a God they may or may not even think is real.

"The God Who Wasn't There" looks at the Biblical account of the death of Lazarus and unpacks how
- God who deliberately waits until it's too late to save His friend.
- People can't understand Jesus's actions and want to know "where were you?"
- Spectators outside the faith look on and wonder "what kind of 'Messiah' is this?" 

This is a book about answering that exact question: who is this God who disappears when we need Him most? It's not a philosophical treatise or outline of theological bullet points: it's a book about a lost relationship. If you have left the faith, are losing your faith, or don't know how to explain your faith in the face of a broken world ... this is a book written for you.

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6.21.2015 / Fusion / Los Angeles, CA


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