the god who

wasn't there

It's a question nearly every human has thought at least once: "God, where were you?" It's a cry that comes from pain, anger, sadness, hurt, and loneliness. It's the cry of a people who feel abandoned by a God they may or may not even think is real.

"The God Who Wasn't There" looks at the Biblical account of the death of Lazarus and unpacks how
- God who deliberately waits until it's too late to save His friend.
- People can't understand Jesus's actions and want to know "where were you?"
- Spectators outside the faith look on and wonder "what kind of 'Messiah' is this?" 

This is a book about answering that exact question: who is this God who disappears when we need Him most? It's not a philosophical treatise or outline of theological bullet points: it's a book about a lost relationship. If you have left the faith, are losing your faith, or don't know how to explain your faith in the face of a broken world ... this is a book written for you.

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